Guild Spring Festival

Reslts of the six-bell striking competition held at Cold Higham, on Saturday 29 April, as judged by David Jones from Wirral:

              1.                  Northampton                40  faults

              2.                  Pattishall                       45  faults

              3.                  Rothwell                        46  faults

              4.                  Greens Norton              47  faults

              5.                  Rushden                        50  faults

              6.                  Yelvertoft                       89   faults

              7.                  Nether Heyford              106 faults

              8.                  Welford                          123 faults

              9.                  Towcester                      Did not finish


Northampton appears on the Weaver Shield for the 1st time since inception in 1989 and is only the 6th tower to win.

Congratulations to the band from Northampton, we are prowd of you.



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